Here is an overview of the story and plot…
My Doctor in the game is actually a thirty-five year old college/university professor who inadvertently fell into the Eye of Harmony inside the TARDIS. He is a human who is now being slowly transformed into a Time Lord.
The Doctor he was associated with was an alternate version of the Doctor (played by Peter Cushing) who was killed without regenerating (apparently) in the Time Lord/Darlek war which resulted in the destruction of Galifrey (apparently). The new Doctor or as he is commonly called, The Professor, does not possess the vast sum of knowledge that you’re used to seeing on the Doctor Who television show; and as previously stated, he is slowly being transformed into another life form.
So it is, in fact, the TARDIS itself or an unknown intelligence guiding the players through the campaign. The stories are original, intelligent, challenging, but laced with the fun and teamwork you’ve come to expect from a solid role playing game like Doctor Who.


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